Alice Lussiana Parente

Actress and Voice Over Talent

Alice is a New York based actress born and raised in Italy.

MAY, 2019 - “Voyage Houston”

Read Alice’s interview for VOYAGE HOUSTON


MAY, 2019 - “Il Giorno”

“..ALSO IN THIS CASE, MAYBE a star is born: Alice Lussiana Parente is young AND talentED, we hope to SEE HER AGAIN SOON”


April, 2019, Cinematografo

“..Also here, perhaps a star is born: Alice Lussiana Parente is a young talent that we hope to see again”

Full Italian review here:

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March 2019, DCMetrotheatrearts

Great review for SERIALS at The Flea.

Alice is starring in Agnes Bloodfeldt Presents The Feminine Condition by Jessica Moss

“Moss’s sensational send-up of high-school bullying (an audience, and personal, favorite that is guaranteed to move on to the next rounds)”

Full review here:


November 2018, TIME OUT

Not my Monster Featured on TimeOut NewYork

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Full Video Interview for V-NEWS

August 2018, Gazzetta Matin

Alice Lussiana Parente hostess at the ONIROS FILM AWARDS


Broadcasting service on national tv - RAITRE NEWS


Cast announced for “A mother’s heart” starring Alice Lussiana Parente, Selamawit Worku and Marianne Goodell directed by Tania Kass.

In scena Italian Theatre Festival in New York: Shows announced

A MOTHER'S HEART for Salon Radio Podcast

Listen here:


Interview for upcoming performances of “A mother’s heart”


“A Mother’s heart” accepted at the Midtown International Theatre Festival

Cast announced for “A mother’s heart”

December 2016, L’Eco del Chisone by Elisa Bevilacqua

“Alice Lussiana Parente, actress from Giaveno, Soon to be Star on Broadway"

November 2016, VALSUSA

“The talent of the young Alice in New York City"

November 2016, LUNA NUOVA

“Cinema, Actress in New York in the Trump’s era”

Noveber 2016 From “LA VOCE di New York” by Alessandra Quintavalle

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“The american version is directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan, produced by Selamawit Worku and permormed brilliantly by Tania Kass, Alice Lussiana Parente and Maite Uzai”


Cast announced for Richard III at Gallery Players

August 2016, NOCTURNO

Review of “Gorchlach The Legend of Cordelia”

May, 2016 CIAK

Review of “Gorchlach The Legend of Cordelia”

March 2016, From Il Cineocchio

“I found the two lead actors almost by accident. I DISCOVERED this girl Alice Lussiana Parente and she was exactly what I was looking for the role of the young archaeologist. Alice was excited about the project since the beginning and it was love at first sight for me: look, voice, she was perfect”

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March 2016, IL GIORNALE

Review of “Gorchlach The Legend of Cordelia”

January, 2016 RB CASTING

Article for Gorchlach the Leged of Cordelia”

June 2015, Interview for “Gorchlach the Leged of Cordelia”

April 2015, Inteview for “Gorchlach” for CINEMIO

“At the beginning I posted a casting notice online but i couldn’t find what I was looking for, then one day, casually I found the perfect fit based on a face that really impressed me. The actress Alice Lussiana Parente was exactly what I was looking for the lead role. A young archeologist with northern features. She was immediatly enthusiastic about the role and it was love at first sight: appearance, voice, she was perfect, excactly how I’ve imagined Rachel to be”

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August 2014 - Interview for Salerno in Festival

“Talk” short movie directed by Luca Canale Brucculeri and starring Alice Lussiana Parente and Oscar Ferrari.

From the Short movie "Talk" directed by Luca Canale Brucculeri

From the Short movie "Talk" directed by Luca Canale Brucculeri

December 2010, from TEATRO.IT by Roberto Mazzone

“Barefoor in the Park” Cast announced

“Barefoot in the Park” - Review

“The young Alice Lussiana Parente is impressive in the interpretation of all the aspects of the character of Corie: sexy, loving, anxious but also naive, messy: she believes in "happiness" with her husband and despite everything she still finds more exciting running barefoot in the park. She knows that in order to avoid the routine of everyday life, love must be protected and nurtured”


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November 2009, From by Silvia Pizzi

“On stage we find Annika. Alice Lussiana Parente, stunning in her ability of BEING a child in her posture, gestures, nodding or scratching her nose”


“Pippi and Proietti: A tribute to life, Supervision of Gigi, Directed by Fabrizio Angelini, A magic house and a real size stuffed horse. It’s a show for everybody and for families” said Sagitta Proietti, author with the daughter Carlotta Proietti of the Italian version of Pippi Longstockings. The classic Swedish story is now a show at the Theatre Argentina, produced by the Theatre of Rome. After hundreds of auditions (a huge amount of young actors submitted for the role) Eleonora Tata, 24, has been chosen as the main character, Alice Parente is Annika and Alessio Conforti is Tommy the two well educated friends of the crazy one. The company is big, and the pictures already reveal the color and movement we’ll find on stage. To give an idea of the show, in the foyer of the Theatre Argentina, Proietti and Giovanna Marinelli (director of the Theatre Stabile of Rome) materialized the famous Pippi’s horse: Zietto with girl on top…”

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February 2009, REPUBBLICA

“Pippi Longstocking: This strong girl is the best of theatre - Yesteday Gigi Proietti presented himself in the role of Artistic Supervisor of “Pippi Longstocking”, show that will run at the Theatre Argentina from February 26th until March 6th.His engagement with the production was inevitable as his is the original idea, and his whole family is involved in it.“This is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, since I stil  was the artistic director of the Theatre Brancaccio. I had the copyrights for a long time but I procrastinated it for a while, waiting to have the proper resources.Then I talked about it to the Artistic Director of the Theatre of Rome, Giovanna Marinelli. I gave the Theatre the copyrights but we kept my original concept and idea. My daughter Carlotta translated it while Susanna designed the costumes. The show is directed by Fabrizio Angelini”

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